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Our TEFL certification course qualifies you to teach English in over 80 countries around the world, even at home. Whether you are new to the field of teaching English or already a teacher desiring a specialized TEFL upgrade, we offer you convenient employment-focused courses with access to the course for 24 hours 7 days. Our curriculum and training exceeds international certification standards so that YOU can Travel and Teach English with confidence, anywhere worldwide. Material covers TEFL communication, conversation, listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, and overseas employment.

12 Modules TEFL Teacher Certification Course

TEFL Modules
  • Module 1: TEFL Teaching (10 hours)
  • Module 2: TEFL Language (5 hours)
  • Module 3: TEFL Teaching Methodology (5 hours)
  • Module 4: TEFL Lesson Plans (10 hours)
  • Module 5: TEFL Teaching With Video (5 hours)
  • Module 6: Music In The TEFL Class (5 hours)
  • Module 7: The TEFL Language Skills (10 hours)
  • Module 8: TEFL Teacher Motivation And Learning (10 hours)
  • Module 9: TEFL Progress And Evaluation (10 hours)
  • Module 10: TEFL Teaching Overview: Children, Adults And Business (15 hours)
  • Module 11: Grammar Theories And Methods (5 hours)
  • Module 12: TEFL Resources (10 hours)

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Specific Area Training (SAT)

TEFL Modules

SAT Teaching Adults At this transitional age young learners have specific needs and goals. As a TESOL teacher your lessons and classroom must reflect this developmental stage. 'Teaching Teenagers English' will give you a detailed guideline, teaching strategies and methodology to make your lessons meaningful, motivational and rewarding for both you and your students.

SAT Teaching Children This elective has been designed specifically for the teaching of children within the Primary or Elementary school years. At this exciting age, young learners are developing vocabulary and concept skills. English for Elementary School will provide you the TESOL teacher with the very best in teaching concepts, techniques and resources that will not only delight your student but also make teaching a rewarding experience for you.

SAT Teaching Business A professional guide to this highly specialised and lucrative field of International TESOL teaching. Covering topics and concepts for the ever changing business world plus the very best in teaching resources, training and materials development. This Elective will guide you the TESOL trainer in all aspects of teaching English in the Professional world.

SAT Teaching Tutoring This TESOL Elective is a must for Overseas TESOL Teachers. TESOL Private Tuition covers the necessary organisation, teaching methodologies and techniques required to specifically cover and meet the needs of one on one and small group teaching/training. This area of English teaching can greatly increase your earning potential and teaching skills. Detailing material and course development needs assessment, progress and evaluation. TESOL Private Tuition will help you to become a highly sought after professional English Tutor.

SAT Teaching Tourism A comprehensive and detailed course on teaching TESOL English in one of the fastest growing industries in the world the travel and tourism. This Elective will provide you with specialised teaching techniques, materials and concepts for the teaching/training of Travel Agency owners and their staff as well as Tour Group management and Tour Co-ordinators.

International Job Package and GUARANTEE

International Jobs

Job Guarantees for China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and many other countries on application after submitting your resume.

*Conditions apply. Government Regulations apply.

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